Tom Ahern

Tom Ahern

Tomorrow, June 16th at 1 p.m. Eastern (10 a.m. Pacific), Tom Ahern, one of the world’s top authorities on “raising more money from the very same donors,” will join us for his popular 90-minute webinar, Marketing Bequests: The Art of Asking for That Final Gift. Recordings available if you can’t attend live, but you have to register before the webinar begins. ~Kristina

Guest Post by Tom Ahern

Tomorrow, I will explain one of the great fundraising mysteries:

“How can our charity successfully persuade a donor
to leave us a gift in her will?”

UK fundraising superstar, Stephen Pidgeon, notes that a well-executed bequest marketing program can raise far more money than a major gifts program.

And yet….

A recent survey asked a sample of typical middle-class donors, “Would you consider putting a gift for charity in your will?”

More than 90% of those donors enthusiastically said YES!

But then came the second question: “Have you already put a gift for charity in your will?”

The dismal answer: fewer than 10% had done so.

What’s to blame for this striking performance gap?

Lousy communications, plain and simple.

There is a right way to go about selling bequests.

And now you can learn that right way … by adopting my tested and unique approach, assembled over the years from experts around the world.

In this brisk, no-nonsense webinar, I will teach you the right way to solicit bequests.

Included in the discussion: the proven insights of the UK’s “Dr. Death,” a.k.a Richard Radcliffe, the world’s leading researcher into legacy giving.

Look: I, Tom Ahern, swear to you….

… that bequest marketing is the simplest, most lucrative fundraising task you will ever shoulder.

You don’t have to write much to do it very well … because its success depends mostly on just staying in touch. If you can write one short letter a year, you’re already halfway home.

As for results?

Using my approach, “We doubled the number of people enrolled in our Legacy Society!” (a community foundation where the average bequest amount is $1 million)

Find out more and enroll now.

Register Now


Cost to register: $99.

Recording available if you can’t attend live, but you must register before the webinar begins.

Enroll today to guarantee your seat …

… and make 2016 the year your bequest marketing takes off!

Don’t waste another year. This is your charity’s future.

I truly hope to see you there! ~ Tom Ahern

Tom Ahern is often described as “one of the world’s leading authorities” on how to speak properly — and profitably — to donors. He’s authored four well-received how-to books on donor communications and delivers dozens of workshops internationally on the techniques of successful fundraising communications. A constant practitioner, Tom writes fundraising materials for some of America’s leading nonprofits, constantly honing his specialties of donor newsletters, direct mail, and case statements.

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