You can get some good free advice from me and a couple of other smart nonprofit marketing gals this week.

Free webinar on social media listening, Thursday, November 13. Register now.

On Thursday, November 13 at Noon Eastern (9:00 a.m. Pacific), I’m hosting a free half-hour webinar with Lindy Dreyer called “What’s the Buzz? Find Out Who’s Talking about Your Organization and Issues Online.” It’s free, but you do need to register.

On Friday, November 14, media maven Claire Meyerhoff and I will host another edition of Magic Keys Radio at 1:00 p.m. Eastern (10:00 a.m. Pacific). This is our live half-hour show where you can call in questions. Then it’s immediately available as a podcast.

Now, I admit, Claire and I have had a wee bit of Magic Keys scheduling trouble. We really wanted to do it on a regular schedule, but our personal and professional lives keep getting in the way. Drats! So, our current plan is to try to do it twice a month and we’ll let you know when exactly as far in advance as we can. Here is the current schedule, including this Friday’s show:

Magic Keys Radio

Friday, November 14 – Writing personal profiles, including how to interview people to get good quotes. This is the prelude to next week’s webinar, “How to Write Moving Personal Profiles about Donors, Clients, and Other Supporters.”  Claire will share her vast knowledge from years as a radio talk show host where she had to interview really famous important people AND your average Joes. I’ll add my spin from years of writing donor and volunteer profiles for client newsletters and websites. Listen to the show

Friday, November 21 – The “Give Thanks” Edition. We’ll be talking about what we and other nonprofit communicators should be thankful for. Come share what you are thankful for, whatever that may be . . .  certain people, resources, situations, trends, you name it. Listen to the Show

December 5 – Got an End-of-Year Giving Plan? People give away lots of money at the end of the year, looking for those tax deductions. We’ll talk about some easy ways you can throw a plan together and put it in motion, even if you don’t have a clue right now. Listen to the Show

December 12 – 2008 in Review – We’ll talk about some of the best nonprofit marketing stories of the year. Listen to the Show

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