I’m declaring March as “Storytelling Month” here at Nonprofit Marketing Guide. I’ll be blogging about storytelling more than usual, teaching three webinars, and offering story consultations to help you polish up your stories.

Let’s Start with Your Questions!

What questions do you have about using stories in nonprofit marketing and fundraising? I asked on Facebook yesterday, where these questions were posted:

  • How do you tell success stories when your organization doesn’t do direct services, but supports other nonprofits who do?
  • What are some different ways stories can be used?
  • How can we add some heart with stories to more intellectual discussions about community change?
  • How can you make a story compelling if you can’t use the name or face of the person?
  • How can we use stories when  the impacts of our work are ethereal (like environmental progress)?

Really good questions! I’ll get to all of these over the course of the month. You can add your questions to our Facebook page or leave them in the comments on this post.

Three Stories Every Nonprofit Should Tell

Three Storytelling Webinars This Month

March 10: Three Stories Every Nonprofit Should Be Telling

Learn how to write the three most inspiring kinds of stories to your supporters.

March 24: Telling Powerful Stories about Everyday People

Inspire others by telling real stories about the everyday people you meet and work with daily.

March 30: Storytelling for Fundraisers

Learn how to find and use the stories that will raise the most money for your organization.

Each webinar is $35 or you can get them all with our All-Access Pass for $145, which includes webinars in April and May too.

Want My Help Polishing Your Stories?

I will work with you one-on-one to improve a couple of your nonprofit’s stories. You’ll send me your first drafts, and I’ll point out what’s working and what’s not. Together, we’ll talk about ways to make your stories more powerful. You’ll end up with stories that are just right for your marketing and fundraising.

We can discuss your stories via email or phone call, whichever works best for you. You may submit up to 1,000 words total in first drafts of your stories (e.g. one long story or a few short ones).  The consultation is $75, and I’m only offering it this month. Sign up for a story consultation now.

On Monday, I’ll share a great case study from One Warm Coat, with a behind-the-scenes look at how they went about getting the details for a story that earned them national recognition.

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