What are your internal communications goals? Not sure? It’s time to figure it out and create some, just like you create goals for external communications.

Nearly 40% of nonprofit communications staff say that internal communications to other staff and the board are an essential or high priority. For nearly everyone else, it’s a low or medium priority, but still part of their workload. Only 10% of nonprofit comms staff said that internal communications is not a priority for them at all.

We can debate whether internal communications responsibilities should live with the comms department another time. For now, let’s just accept the reality of these stats from the 2019 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report.

Before you can come up with a strategy and tactical plan, it helps to get clear on your goals. “Keeping everyone informed” isn’t good enough. What do you want to come from everyone being informed?

I see three categories of internal communications goals with the organizations I’ve worked with. I would love to hear if you think these make sense or if something is missing. Please comment below under “Leave a Reply” — you’ll need to click over if you are reading this in your inbox.

Strategic Leadership Goals for Internal Communications

You communicate internally so that you are . . . .

  • Unifying people around shared organizational goals
  • Providing the big picture context for decisions
  • Implementing changes within the organization
  • Aligning and updating priorities as needed

Organizational Culture Goals for Internal Communications

You communicate internally so that you are . . . .

  • Motivating staff to act
  • Encouraging more listening and learning internally
  • Building relationships and trust
  • Building brand ambassadors

Project Management Goals for Internal Communications

You communicate internally so that you are . . . .

  • Streamlining work flows
  • Improving project coordination
  • Improving decision making
  • Fostering accountability

As with everything related to communications and marketing, you need to prioritize. You probably want to do all of these things with your internal communications. But which of these goals needs the most attention right now?

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Published On: June 18, 2019|Categories: Communications Team Management, Relationships, and Boundaries|