What does it take to be a great leader in the nonprofit sector? You’ll find some thoughtful answers in the current edition of the Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants, posted Wednesday at Ready, Aim, Inspire.

The roundup includes posts from Jane Arsenault, Jason Dick, Katya Andresen, Heather Carpenter, and Sam Davidson.

The Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants is a twice-monthly blog carnival that rounds up some of the best advice, forward thinking, and resources for nonprofits in the blogosphere. Its home base is here at Nonprofit Communications.

Where is it headed next, you ask?

October 15 – Katya’s Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Theme: “Chart Magic” – Share an insightful or absurd visual that sums up something important or amusing about the nonprofit sector. Check here for inspiration, nonprofit consultants!

November 3 – Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Tech

Theme: “Is your work changing because of the economy? How? What adjustments are you making?”

November 17 – Social Butterfly

Theme: “Give thanks! Tell us which tools, resources, mentors have aided you or what you are thankful for.”

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