Welcome back to another look into the new hobbies you have picked up over the last year.

We’ve looked at:

And today we are looking a couple of people who took up exercising.

From Stacie Birchett:

Since we haven’t been able to go anywhere exotic, I spend a lot of time trolling the internet and hiking apps to find ways to get outside, get some exercise, and maybe learn something new and see new sights nearby. I try to combine post-hike experiences with – erm – a refresher such as a vineyard with a good outside distancing regime (plus marks for a good view!). Results: I no longer fear going outside in winter, I’ve lost weight, I’ve seen and learned new things and now have a small group of friends who want to join with us (properly masked up, of course), so it’s become a way to socialize as well. We started this every-weekend thing in November. For the month of February, my workplace decided to organize a company-wide step challenge as a morale booster and way to get people moving. I’m well prepared for this, and my team is in 2nd place after the first week!

A hike in the county

My team for the step challenge

From Karen Hansen:

As someone who lives alone in a studio apartment, I started working out using the Sweat app. It is a great end-of-work day transition ritual.

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