Always Be CALM
Someone asked me the other day what the outcome of our Communications Director Mentoring Program and other coaching programs really was . . . what was the ultimate result of communications coaching?

The word that instantly popped into my mind and off of my tongue was CALM.

Communications directors are usually very busy, often frazzled, people. They have information and ideas flying at them from all directions. The media landscape in which they communicate with the world about their causes is in a constant state of flux. There’s a great need and desire for creativity and timeliness, but limited resources also demand a well-considered and thoughtful plan.

They are often working on multiple and competing priorities, driven by everything from fundraising and programmatic goals to brand management and thought leadership. Many communications directors are responsible not only for external communications, but for internal communications too, which can sometimes be even trickier.

If this sounds familiar, you need to find an approach to your work that creates a sense of CALM amid this chaos, not just for yourself, but for your organization too.

Always Be CALM

I mean “calm” in the classic sense: relaxed, composed, and unruffled in your work. But how do you get there, exactly? CALM is also an acronym for what I believe are the four essential approaches to a nonprofit communications director’s work, or four “ways to be.”


A is for AGILE.

L is for LOGICAL.


The rest of this week on the blog, we’ll explore what this means for your work, one letter each day.


Published On: August 3, 2015|Categories: Nonprofit Communications, Nonprofit Training, Professional Development|

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