Last week I presented our two-part webinar series on nonprofit social media strategies based on our Be Personal / Be Practical framework. I did the same training (minus all the new coronavirus and quarantine examples) about this same time last year.

In both years, we asked the same poll questions about what participants would take from the training and focus on as a next step. The differences in answers from year to year are interesting and I think are in direct response to the pandemic. (I could be wrong and it could just be a natural evolution or the particular interests of this group of attendees, but I don’t think so. Let me know in the comments what you think!)

The headings below correspond to the polls for each of the blue circles in the framework diagram.

Document, Don’t Create

Last year, 26% said they wanted to think about ways to post more authentic/personal moments with staff. This year, that jumped to 53%. Here are 15 Authentic Moments to Create on Social Media.

Build One-to-One Connections

Last year, 37% prioritized having internal conversations about social media as a service, rather than a billboard. That jumped to a whopping 71% this year.

Show Up and Hang Out

More people last year said they wanted to get started with live streaming, while this year, more said they wanted to step up their live streaming. However, the total number focusing on live streaming didn’t change much. Here are 7 Reasons Why You Might Just Love Doing Live Video Instead of Recorded Ones.

We did see a bigger jump in the numbers who are thinking through a Facebook Groups strategy. Last year, 13% selected that as the top choice in that particular poll, while this year 35% did. We love this post from M+R on Facebook Groups.

Focus on Core Topics

Last year, the most popular next step was to think about what it would take to become an influencer. This year, the top to-do is better matching content to the right social media channel. Learn more about picking core topics here and what I would do if I were launching a social media strategy from scratch.

Create Relevant Content

Last year attendees wanted to focus on producing more Revealing and Responsive content. Now? It’s about Refreshing and Revealing content. Learn more about the Six Rs of Relevant Content.

Create Less, Share More

Last year people prioritized repurposing content into short, long, and graphic formats. This year, rethinking their social media workflow topped the to-do list.

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What do you make of these changes? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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