Gail Perry

Gail Perry is one of my favorite major donor fundraisers and board advisers and her last three blog posts have been full of fabulous advice on getting your board fired up. All of her advice applies to getting people excited to help in other ways too, like with marketing (you know, all that communication in between fundraising asks!)

Check out some of what Gail has shared this month:

How to Transform Your Board in One Bold Step.  Gail shares her brilliant scheme and how it played out on me! She recruited me to serve on a board with her in a way that I — and no one else —  could resist.

Five Tips for a Happier and More Effective Board. Fabulous advice on expectations and what to do at board meetings. I can only imagine the number of people who would be clamoring to serve on nonprofit boards if all nonprofits followed Gail’s advice.

And my favorite . . .

Three Questions Your Board Members Really Need to Know.

Your board is an important part of your marketing team — when you manage your board well. Listen to Gail!