How to Write Faster at Work E-Course

New E-Course: Sign Up by Friday and It’s Only $10!

While we love our webinars at Nonprofit Marketing Guide, I’m always looking for different ways to deliver training, so we are giving a try. Udemy offers a huge variety of online courses that you take at your own pace, with lots of videos, and you get lifetime access to the course materials.

I’m starting off with a course on a struggle all professional communicators face daily: How To Write Faster at Work.

In this course, you’ll get more than a dozen strategies that I’ve used to author two full-length books, blog five days a week, create a weekly e-newsletter, and teach 50 webinars and workshops a year, most with bonus handouts. People assume we have a huge staff of writers — but it’s just Kristina and me. We consistently churn out great content that people love, and you can too! Just follow the system shared in this course.

Click on over to the course and you can watch a short video about it, see the full outline, and even preview some of the actual lessons.

The course is regularly $49, but if you use the coupon code writefaster or use the link here, you can get the course for only $10. But you have to sign up by Friday, May 2. 

How To Write Faster at Work

I hope to see you in the course discussion!

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