ntcheaderIt’s time for community voting on sessions for the next Nonprofit Tech Conference by NTEN, happening in San Jose on March 23-25, 2016.

This is the conference I always recommend first to communications directors who want to know which national conference to attend, and I will definitely be there.

Let’s get some great sessions especially for communications directors on the agenda.   

(And in case you thinking, “Uh, I don’t get to go to conferences, who cares?” NTEN is wonderful about getting all the stuff from sessions online, including live note taking by people in the room, so you really can benefit from the session even if you can’t go in person.)

Please click over and give these sessions a vote up. You will need to register to vote, so there is no ballot stuffing. But it’s super easy — you can do a Facebook or Twitter login. 

How Communications Directors Can Regain Control of Their Work Lives and Get Better Results  — This is the session I proposed and that I am so excited about working on this fall, if it makes it on to the schedule. Time is always the #1 problem for communications directors, and there are LOTS of things we can do about that. Let’s really figure this one out!

Content Calendars and You: Creating Communications Harmony  — I’m just advising on this one, but you know what a geek I am for editorial calendars. Such a great topic — let’s really explore it in this session (and before and after).

And if you are really in the mood, here are a few other sessions that I think look great, and that I have already personally voted for:

High-Tech for High-Touch: Using digital tools to customize your supporter engagement

Communications Chiropractor: Organizational Alignment to Maximize Communications

Your Communications Team in 2020: Are you ready for the future?

The Future of Email: From 2015 to 2025

How to Cut the Cake: Finding Your Organization’s Email Segmentation Sweet Spot

The Modern Digital Team: How to build a digital program that works

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket: The Story of an Integrated HSUS Campaign

P.S. There are 400+ sessions, and I confess, I didn’t look at all of them. If you have a session you think nonprofit communications directors would like, feel free to add a link in the comments.

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