Thank you word in 12 languagesDid you know that the quality of your thank you letters can determine whether your donor gives again?

Thank-you letters are incredibly important in turning a first-time donor into a life-long giver.

Donors want much more than an acknowledgement and receipt. They want to know how you used the gift and that they are a genuine part of your success.

Sending a thank you letter to your donors is not just the polite thing to do.

Nonprofit thank you letters need to be thought of as a very important, highly strategic piece of communication.

Writing Thank You Letters That Inspire Future Gifts

NEXT WEDNESDAY, November 18th, 2015

1:00 p.m. Eastern (10:00 a.m. Pacific)

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During this 60-minute webinar, we’ll look at several typical thank-you letters that just don’t cut it (you’ve probably received ones like this yourself, and maybe even sent some like them!).

We’ll look at ways to improve them so that they graciously thank the donor while also taking the necessary steps to start a long-term relationship with that supporter. We’ll look at great thank-you notes for a variety of situations that nonprofit staff encounter daily, from first and repeat donors to event and corporate sponsorships.

We’ll also touch on when and how often to say “Thank you!” and other ways to show your gratitude to your supporters.

You’ll leave with an understanding of what goes into a great thank-you letter and several outlines you can use in your work immediately.

You’ll leave with:

  • Solutions to common problems with typical nonprofit thank yous, like tired openings, vague program descriptions,  and depressing language
  • The 5 qualities of a good nonprofit thank you letter
  • How to make your thank yous feel incredibly personal even if they are massed produced
  • My personal thank you formula

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