Organizational ChartAt Nonprofit Marketing Guide, we love talking about marketing strategies and tactics (obviously).

But as you try to implement the ideas you learn here, we often hear back about problems you encounter that have very little to do with marketing.

Instead, what gets in the way of getting the work done are relationships with other people in your nonprofit, and difficulties collaborating with them.

Take putting together and using an editorial calendar, for example.

You can learn from us how to design one to better manage your communications production and publishing schedule.

But what if your boss sits on final drafts for weeks a time, making you miss your publication deadline and rendering the content out of date when finally approved?

What if your program co-workers refuse to tell you about anything they are working on more than a day in advance?

What if you were finally given some help with a part-time assistant, but that person isn’t really available during your crunch times?

As we develop more materials to help you be a CALM Communications Director (Collaborative, Agile, Logical, and Methodical), we want to know:

Which is hardest for you personally at your nonprofit — managing up (your supervisors), down (your employees), or across (your colleagues)?

Share your answer in this one-question survey and we’ll post some advice soon.


Published On: October 21, 2015|Categories: Nonprofit Communications, Nonprofit Training, Professional Development|

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