Early Birds Save $100If you’ve been thinking about attending the Total Focus Marketing Plan Workshop that Nancy Schwartz and I are presenting in October, you’ll save $100 if you go ahead and register now. Friday, October 17 is the last day for Early Bird registration. The price goes up by $100 on Saturday.

Look what we’ve built into the workshop for you:

  • Expert navigation through the complete marketing plan creation process. We’ve written dozens of marketing plans that work for their respective organizations so we know the process (and the common stumbling blocks) inside out. You get the value of our experience.
  • Learning based on real-life case studies of organizations like yours. We’ve drawn these case studies from our own experiences working with organizations that hold the full range of organizational marketing goals from influencing policy on a particular issue to retaining volunteers and motivating program participation.
  • The opportunity to get to know, and work with, a focused group of colleagues practiced in nonprofit marketing and facing similar challenges. Education researchers report consistently that learning with others, particularly in an interactive setting like this one, is the most effective learning there is. You’ll get to know a group of peers with whom you’ll be working together throughout the day – we’ll create small groups of those with most similar goals – and will take those relationships (and a new group of advisors on your work) with you when you leave.
  • Emphasis on hands-on planning exercises. This packed day of learning will take you through a sequence of hands-on planning exercises designed to build your understanding of each element as you shape a practical but ambitious marketing plan. Doing is the best way of learning, and you’ll have a plan to when you leave.

  • Personal, up-close attention from both Nancy and me. Workshop registration is limited to a small group (a maximum of 40 in D.C. and 25 in New York City) in order to ensure we’re able to guide every one of you in the right direction.

We have two dates available:

Wednesday, October 6 in New York City
Thursday, October 28 in Washington DC

Nonprofit executives from as far away as Iowa, Kansas, and Ontario are flying in for this workshop because they know how valuable this experience will be to their organizations and to themselves as communications professionals.

If your organization needs a real marketing plan — not some cookie-cutter, pie-in-the-sky plan, but a plan that works for your organization and that you can implement — then please join us next month.

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