Megan Maiolo

Megan Maiolo

Our 200+ Nonprofit Marketing Guide All-Access Pass Holders, along with all of you reading this blog, represent the great diversity in the world of nonprofit communications. To help you see that you aren’t alone in your challenges and that you really are part of a wonderful community of passionate, creative professionals, we are introducing you to one of our All-Access Pass Holders including what they are working on right now.

Megan Maiolo of Trees, Water & People

What does Trees, Water & People do?

Trees, Water & People works with communities in Latin America and on Native American reservations of the U.S. to protect, conserve and manage their most precious natural resources through community-based reforestation, clean cookstove, and renewable energy projects.

What is your job, Megan?

Marketing and Communications Manager.

What’s one thing you are working on right now with your communications?

Currently, we are working to improve our communications with major donors as well as lapsed donors.

How are you applying what you are learning with your All-Access Pass to your work at Trees, Water & People?

Over the years we have learned so much from Kivi’s webinars, books, and blog! Recently, we learned how to write much better thank you letters to our donors – letters that go beyond thanking to inspire future action!

Join Megan on our webinars and get other special benefits as an All-Access Pass Holder.

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