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I hope everyone had a good week. Let’s relax with some Mixed Links…

Wild Apricot hosted this month’s Nonprofit Blog Carnival with Data for Good being the theme. Contributors include Joanne Fritz, Marc Koenig, and our very own community engagement manager, Kristina.

If your website and emails aren’t mobile friendly, you really need to get on that! Tablet ownership has almost doubled in the past year and the majority of Americans own smartphones according to two new Pew Research reports.

If you didn’t hear, Instagram now supports video. Here are 5 Nonprofits Using Instagram Video.

Nancy Schwartz shares insights from the Surrender Your Say Twitter campaign run by the Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada. Twitter users surrendered their Twitter accounts to the group for 24 hours. During that time, a program posted tweets containing real-life verbal tics, sent to the foundation from people who have Tourette Syndrome.

NTEN has releases it’s 7th Annual Nonprofit Technology Staffing & Investments Report which collects nonprofit technology spending and practices data. According to the report, “leading” organizations have about five times more total technology staff than “struggling” organizations.

VolunteerMatch has 96 Ways and Counting to Recognize your Volunteers.

We talked yesterday in my free webinar, Stupid Things Nonprofit Marketers Can Stop Doing, about focusing more on retaining donors than acquiring new ones. Jay Love has some ideas on how to retain donors after peer-to-peer fundraising events like walks or social media campaigns.

A couple of weeks ago a report came out called the 50 Worst Charities in America. I didn’t think the people who put that report out did a good job of telling people how these “charities” were, for the most part, straight-up scams. Calling them “charities” at all really does a disservice to the sector.  That’s why I was glad Charity Navigator published this brief reminder to Be Careful of Sound-Alike Names. Be very aware if your nonprofit shares a similar name with one of these scams.

Nonprofit Training

July 2: NEW! How to Communicate Like Their Favorite Nonprofit: Real & Relevant Messaging for Today

July 9: Writing Short: How to Write Subject Lines, Tweets, Headlines, Facebook Updates and More

July 11: Feedback and Fine-Tuning: Email Subject Lines and Headlines

July 30: Writing Nonprofit Thank You Letters That Inspire Future Gifts

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