How is everyone doing out there? Feeling any better? I hope so! Let’s wrap up this week with the most helpful articles, posts, tips, and more from around the world of nonprofit marketing and fundraising. This week I have words to avoid, fundraising and virtual event tips, exercise snacking (it’s not what it sounds like) and more!

It’s time for Mixed Links…

Big Duck put together its annual Words to avoid—2021 Edition. And my least favorite word of 2020 is the first one they mentioned!

Here are 10 Actionable Tips to Use Instagram Reels For Your Brand.

Daniel Wilks talks about Impostor Syndrome – Do You Feel Like a Fraud?

Find out How to Get Blog Post Ideas From YouTube.

For our fundraising readers, here are some tips on Being a Successful Fundraiser in 2021.

And the Top 5 Fundraising No-Brainers for Nonprofit Professionals in 2021.

See What Video Marketers Should Know in 2021, According to Wyzowl Research.

Are best practices bad? Not if you know How to practice best practices the best way.

Yasmin Moeladi shared 9 creative ideas to make your virtual event engaging and interactive.

And finally Beth Kanter tells us to Try Exercise Snacking for Improving #WFH Mental Health (which is unfortunately focused on the “exercise” part as opposed to the “snacking” part).

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