BCCC5FC95F Mixed LinksHappy Friday! Let’s celebrate the end of another week with some Mixed Links…

Just a reminder, we are hosting this month’s Nonprofit Blog Carnival and are taking submissions on how you share progress or communicate accomplishments.

If you need some help spicing up your graphics, here are 5 Awesome Design Hacks to Create Highly Shareable Social Media Graphics. (These really aren’t “hacks” but good advice nonetheless.)

Classy encourages you to Create a Stronger Sense of Community With Your Social Media Strategy.

We’re getting more and more questions about Periscope and other live streaming apps. Some think this is a game-changer for nonprofits. For example, see How Live Streaming Will Change the Face of Philanthropy.

And if you want to know more about Periscope, SocialBrite published Periscope for Nonprofits: A Quick Guide & Review.

Wondering if you should be texting your supporters? Read Considering the Nonprofit Uses of Text Messaging.

I know a lot of you think this, but John Haydon asks Is Giving Tuesday a Waste of Time?

Beth Kanter has some great tips and tools in Successful Social Media Content Strategy Is A Continuous Improvement Process for Nonprofits.

Sonya Campion believes you should Make Advocacy a Part of Every Board Member’s Duty.

And as much as some of you would like to do away with meetings altogether, here are a few tips from the big boys like Apple and Google on  how to run a meeting.

Nonprofit Training

August 26th: How to Do Your Own Nonprofit Communications Audit with Kivi Leroux Miller

September 3rd: Fundraising with Facebook Ads – Going Beyond Just Boosting Posts with John Haydon

September 8th – 15th: Donor Newsletters That Raise More Money with Tom Ahern (3 Levels Available)

Have a great weekend! You know where I’ll be Sunday night….Fear the Walking Dead starts!

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