Sharing the Good Stuff on the Web for Nonprofit Marketers and FundraisersHow was your week? Care to join me for some Mixed Links?

Beth Kanter hosted January’s Nonprofit Blog Carnival and got us heading in the right direction with her theme What Are You Doing to Be Happier and Healthier in 2016? Julie Campbell is hosting February’s Carnival and is asking for submissions on creating SMART objectives (SMART stands for specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time-bound).

Beth also has some tips on How To Squeeze Social Media Into Your Day When It Isn’t A Full-Time Job.

Here is Everything Nonprofits Need To Know About YouTube Donation Cards from Steven Shattuck via Bloomerang.

Jodi Harris shows us How to Uncover Critical Content Marketing Insights Using Google Analytics.

Looking for a little inspiration in the Twittersphere? Here is a list of 50 changemakers on Twitter who will inspire you to be fearless.

Jeff Brooks tell us why bad news works in fundraising.

Groundhog Day was last week, and while we may have an early spring, some of you are stuck doing the same things over and over again with your nonprofit marketing. See Nancy Schwartz’s 4-Step Escape from Groundhog Day Marketing for help.

John Haydon breaks the news that Content ISN’T King After All.

HubSpot shares Funny Tweets & Social Media Examples From 17 Real Brands.

Nonprofit Training

February 18 and 19: Writing a Fabulous Case for Support with Tom Ahern

February 25: Online Monthly Donors: Launching, Improving and Accelerating Your Online Sustainer Program

While Kivi and I may have been disappointed last Sunday, everyone is a winner with these Bad Lip Reading videos.

Can’t see the video? Try this.

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