mixed links peachHappy Friday, everyone. Let’s cap off the week with some Mixed Links…

Kivi will be leading what I think will be a great session at NTC next year with Nancy Schwartz, Sarah Durham and Stephanie Bowen — if it makes it on to the agenda, so vote it up! Go to the session description for Paradox but Possible: How to Stay Hardcore on Work AND Maintain a Rich Personal Life—A Working Session. Then all you have to do is click the + sign on the right side of the page in the box that says “Vote this session up.”

Have big thinkers on your staff, but not sure how to harness that power? Here are 5 tips to start your nonprofit thought leadership plan.

If you are getting a little overwhelmed with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., etc., then Network for Good has some tips on where to focus in 8 Ways to Make Social Media Matter.

Lori Jacobwith wants you to Make a Case for Increasing Your Nonprofit’s Investment in Technology and we couldn’t agree more.

Bloomerang knows What Baby Strollers Can Teach Us About Donor Management.

Seeing as we are in an ever-increasingly visual world, you will want to look at Three Ways to Visually Present Information (Without Spending a Fortune).

Have a WordPress website, but have no use for the dashboard you see when you log in? You can customize it to be more useful. Check out this tutorial to learn how.

Sean Chisholm at the Stay Classy blog addresses the issue of When Effective Fundraising Means Reinforcing Negative Stereotypes.

NTEN has a discussion thread going that is collecting editorial calendar examples so check that out to add yours or to see examples and resources.

Nonprofit Training:


July 28th – August 6th: Writing Direct Mail Appeal Letters (Seats are selling fast!)


July 22: Annual Report Basics: Written Annual Reports Donors Will Actually Read (Presented at CharityHowTo and free with an All-Access Pass)

July 28: Writing Successful Direct Mail In-House with Tom Ahern (Registration is $99 or included with the All-Access Pass or full Case for Support E-clinic registration)

July 29: Email Newsletters for Nonprofits Part I: Strategies to Make the Most of Your E-Newsletter (Presented at CharityHowTo and free with an All-Access Pass)

August 5: Email Newsletters for Nonprofits Part II: Writing and Designing Great E-Newsletters (Presented at CharityHowTo and free with an All-Access Pass)

Have a great weekend!

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