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Hope everyone had a good week. Let’s have some Mixed Links!

Today is the LAST DAY the 2013 DoGooder Video Awards will take submissions. The DoGooder Awards recognize the creative and effective use of video in promoting social good.

If you use Google Reader to organize the blogs you read the most, you probably know Google is killing the feature this summer. LifeHacker has some alternatives for you.

Nancy Schwartz is still conducting  her super short survey on marketing methods. While it will probably be the shortest survey you’ll take, it will help us gain some insight into how you select your marketing activities.

MarketingProfs has an infographic on How to Get More Facebook Shares.

HubSpot has posted a presentation called 20 Critical Do’s and Don’ts for Clickable Calls-to-Action.

“How To” articles are popular features for blog posts and newsletters. ProBlogger has 7 Simple Steps to Writing Great “How To” Posts. Bonus links included in the article: 8 tips for crafting great blog titles and this post, which gives you 11 techniques for writing your opening lines.

Jeff Brooks is running a blog series called Fundraising Hell (a take-off on Dante’s Inferno). He just released Level 3: The Gluttonous this week. You can also check out  Level 1: Virtuous Unbelievers and Level 2: The Lustful.

See you next week!

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