Welcome to this week’s round of Mixed Links, our roundup of good stuff for nonprofit marketers!

If you are looking for a photo editor that is easy to use and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, check out Kerri Karvetski’s post about Picnik, the free online photo editing service. Picnik lets you do most major edits at no cost and no software to download.

In case you missed this week’s virtual summit on millennial donors held by the Case Foundation, Katya Andresen provides a list of posts by those of us who acted as blogging correspondents for the summit.

Last week, Nancy Schwartz and I held our Total Focus Marketing Plan Workshop in Seattle. We had a great group of people to work with and Nancy shares the story of one of our participant’s “aha moments” in her blog post, “Know Your Target Audience for Nonprofit Marketing Success (Case Study).”

The latest trend in nonprofit staffing is hiring a community manager. With more and more people joining online communities everyday, some see this role as a vital one. However others think the communications manager should cover this as well. What’s the difference and how do you know which one you need? Annaliese Hoehling of NTEN answers that question (including my opinion) in her post “Do You Need a ‘Communications Manager’ or a ‘Community Manager’ at Your Nonprofit?

And if you don’t think online communities are something you need to deal with, consider this new report from Pew Internet. According to Social Networking Sites and Our Lives, Facebook users enjoy a higher level of social well-being including a larger number of close friends, higher levels of civic engagement and higher levels of social support from their friends.

Those of you who work in the foundation community may find this new survey interesting. Communications Network surveyed 155 foundation communicators and found that the majority of them are making digital communications a priority. Almost half of foundation communicators surveyed (47%) said they work for organizations that have blogs and over three-quarters (76%) host videos on their websites.

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