Welcome to the weekend and the latest edition of Mixed Links, our weekly roundup of good stuff you don’t want to miss.

February’s Nonprofit Blog Carnival is up! Sandra Sims has compiled all the posts from this month’s topic: Nonprofit Jobs. Check out Bloggers Take on Nonprofit Jobs for different perspectives from those just starting out to industry experts.  Also, if you’re new to the field or thinking about getting a job working with nonprofits, check out my free e-book, The First 100 Days of Your New Nonprofit Marketing Job.

Our friend Melinda McKee has a new blog that I know many of you can relate to:  Tech for Hippies: Finding People-Friendly Balance in a Tech-Heavy World.

Want to keep track of all these blogs on a regular basis? Joanne Fritz shares “How I Juggle 140 Feeds on My RSS Reader.”

Katya Andresen looks at some new research regarding who we trust. In “Whom Do You Trust? Your Friends vs. The Experts – and the Winner Is” Katya says, “people trust your organization less than an expert AND less than their friends. If you want credibility, get a third party doing the talking.”

If you’re interested in using video to get the word out about your cause, check out “3 Steps to More Persuasive Video Marketing in 2011” by Ben Henretig.

If you are still unsure what Twitter is all about (or just want a good laugh about it), Susan Young at Ragan’s PR Daily lays it out in picture  form  in “The 4 Stages of Understanding Twitter.”

Also from Ragan’s PR Daily, Michael Sebastian reports on a recent study on press releases. According to the post, “79 percent of journalists were either ‘much more likely’ or ‘likely’ to cover a story if it included high-res images.” Great photos matter!

See you next week . . . On Monday, I’m teaching Essential Tactics for Better Email Fundraising and Communications at CharityHowTo and on Tuesday, it’s How to Turn Your Whole Staff and Board into an Effective Marketing Team at Nonprofit Marketing Guide.com.

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