Whew! Summer has arrived in North Carolina. The mint in the garden is mojito ready, so here are a few Mixed Links for you . . .

We live in swing state and I cannot believe how many Obama and Romney commercials are on TV already! If you are worried about trying to raise money in a swing state (or during election season in general), check out Katya’s advice: How to Raise Money When Every Politician Is Asking for It.

Our next free webinar is happening June 6. Join us for Getting Your Nonprofit Grant Ready,  featuring Betsy Baker.

101Fundraising has a nice basic intro to fundraising on social networks.

“The best way to convince people is to appeal to their identity and value system rather than convincing them with data and facts” – learn why and about the science behind that from Alia at Sea Change Strategies in Sell Out: This is Your Brain on Rewards.

Joanne Fritz has a great article on protecting people’s privacy when your nonprofit is sharing their stories.

Maureen at Low Hanging Fruit talks about the difference between being boring and being serious – an important difference!

If you are traveling abroad and need to get around Internet censorship, Beth and Stephanie show you how.

We’ll take Monday off for Memorial Day, and then Tuesday – Friday of next week, we are in for a special treat. Julia Reich will share a four-part series on nonprofit infographics – everything you always wanted to know and more!



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