Yep, it’s another post about how you need to manage your email list.

If you need a refresher as to why email list management is so important, start here with Kivi’s alarming (but accurate) post The Nonprofit Email Apocalypse is Coming.

And a whole bunch more can be found here.

Today I am simply going to show you that, yes, inbox providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and Microsoft are keeping tabs on what their customers are opening and engaging with.

And their threshold for unengagement is MUCH LOWER than you think. Gmail starts prompting their customers to unsubscribe after JUST ONE MONTH.

Here are the prompts I have been recently receiving every time I open my account on my phone:

This means that you need to be taking care of unengaged subscribers MUCH sooner than most of you are.

When we asked nonprofits in our Nonprofit Communications Trends Survey when they start re-engagement campaigns, only 12% of nonprofits consider someone unengaged at three months or less.  Another 15% set this mark at six months, and 27% set it at 12 months.

And then 69% say they never stop emailing even if the subscriber is clearly no longer engaged. As we have said many, many times, this will affect your deliverability!

So now that you know for sure inbox providers do, in fact, pay attention to this stuff, will you make a change?

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Published On: February 5, 2020|Categories: Email List Management, Email Marketing|