OK, no free beer tomorrow.  How about a free webinar on Thursday, April 2, at Noon Eastern (9:00 a.m. Pacific) instead?

I was looking over the list of webinars I offered in 2008 and decided to bring one of these three back for a free encore, and you get to decide which one:

– Nonprofit Writing Stinks! How to Bring Your Writing Back to Life

– Forget the General Public: How to Define, Research and Reach Your Target Audience

– How to Write Moving Personal Profiles about Donors, Volunteers, and Other Supporters

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Registration for these webinars is usually $35, which brings me to a little story . . .

I received an interesting comment about the price from an attendee in “Nonprofit Marketing on Next to No Budget” earlier this week:

“Some of our staff members were skeptical that I was going to get anything out of this for only $35 — but frankly, it was worth every cent — and then some! Kivi was a really good presenter. This was really great.”

Here’s what a few others said about the same webinar:

“What a FABULOUS webinar, Kivi!  You are my most valuable marketing resource aside from the wonderful children we serve.” ~ Eva Dankanics, Camp Korey

“Great job…and very helpful, as are all of your webinars. Thanks!” ~ Harlan Dalluge, UCAN

“Thanks – excellent information and very creative ways to keep our name out to our donors at a low cost.” ~ Barbara Langsdale, We Care Services for Children

So if attendees love the webinars (and comments like these are not uncommon), why the heck aren’t I charging a lot more for them? After all, many marketing and fundraising webinars out there are $100 and higher. Several consultants have asked me if I’m crazy or independently wealthy (Some days yes, and definitely not!). And some nonprofits are clearly using price as a signal about quality.

The reason is because it’s more important to me to help smaller organizations than larger ones with big training budgets.  I’ve worked as a communications department of one for several organizations and I want to help other people who find themselves in the same situation. It’s what I know best. And there are a whole bunch of you out there!

I would much rather charge only $35 and help 40 nonprofits do a better job communicating with their supporters than charge $100 and help only 14. The math is the same in both scenarios, but the outcome is vastly different to me. That’s what makes me a social entrepreneur. Yes, Nonprofit Marketing Guide is a business, but the payoff  for me is about much more than a paycheck; it’s about the good work that I get to help all of you do a little better thanks to the affordable training I offer.

Don’t forget to vote for the freebie! There’s space on the form to tell me what you want to see on the summer webinar schedule too.

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