We’ll probably tackle the subject of bosses a few times in Nonprofit Communications Confidential!

More than a few of you don’t feel like you have the full attention of your boss:

“It is so frustrating that my boss shuts her door….I mean it is generally shut most of the time. When it’s not shut, she is working from home. WHY DON’T YOU WANT TO TALK TO ME?!”


“My boss is on her phone constantly whenever she’s away from her desk, including during meetings that she herself has called.”


“Whether it’s intentional or not, I can’t handle when ED’s and CEO’s don’t listen. As well as they think they’re hiding it, you can usually tell when an executive director is simply nodding in response but everything you say is going in one ear and out the other. It only results in frustration when I repeat myself, or feel like they’ve been so disconnected that they’re suddenly surprised by work that’s been going on for months.”

It’s enough to drive you nuts…



But hopefully not too nuts!

We are trying to find some solutions for you that don’t involve cooking rabbits. Read Kivi’s post from last week, The Delinquents and Fusterclucks of Nonprofit Marketing, to see what we are working on to help you out with these situations.

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