Does this sound familiar:

Jack Sparrow - Deadlines

If you feel like no one cares about your deadlines, you aren’t alone!

In this edition of Nonprofit Communications Confidential, we hear from those of you who just can’t seem to make people understand deadlines are there for a reason:

Asking for content by a certain date and not getting it or not getting accurate content by said date annoys me the most!


Co-workers who think they are immune from workflow process frustrate me the most. Timeline with deadline is made very clear with any marketing request – specific emphasis on “adherence to timeline subject to receipt of complete/final details from requesting department”- but meh. So since they “told” me about their marketing request, that somehow places the burden onto me. They wait until the last minute to communicate any details and expect me to just whip up a great collateral package because, you know, they did ask 3 weeks ago and I should have had everything ready to go already . . . just need to add “finishing touches” when they finally get around to telling me what it is they want. Though I should feel special — they all think I have super powers — mind reader!


I feel like I’m the ONLY person on the planet that respects, meets and recognizes deadlines!

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Published On: February 22, 2016|Categories: Your Nonprofit Marketing Career Path|