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How many of your donors came back last year? Do you know?

If your nonprofit is anything like the 8,000+ organizations that participated in the 2015 Fundraising Effectiveness Project Survey, the answer is….not enough. Retention rates are pretty abysmal in the nonprofit sector, hovering at 43 percent for the past two years.

So, how can nonprofits improve retention? Sustainer programs. And online sustainer programs make it easier than ever for donors to say “I do” to a long-term relationship with your nonprofit.

Join me tomorrow, February 25 @ 1 pm ET, for a brand new, Pass Holder-only webinar on how to launch, improve and accelerate your online sustainer program. You’ll learn everything from naming your program to recruiting sustainers to increasing sustainer gifts. Monthly All-Access Passes are only $99.

Need more motivation?

Here are 3 reasons to invest more in your monthly giving program:

1) Losing Donors is Expensive

Source: 2015 Fundraising Effectiveness Project Survey

2014 Gains vs Loss Through Attrition

2) Monthly Donors Are Way More Loyal

Source: 2015 Fundraising Effectiveness Project Survey

First time donor retention vs repeat donor retention

3) Online Monthly Giving is Hot

Online monthly giving grew by 32% in 2014, compared to just 9% for one-time giving. Source: 2015 Nonprofit Benchmarks Report

Online revenue

Join me tomorrow, February 25 @ 1 pm ET, for Online Monthly Donors: Launching, Improving and Accelerating Your Online Sustainer Program to learn more. You have to have an All-Access Pass to attend, but you can get a Monthly Pass for only $99. You can attend my live webinar as well as have access to all the other Pass Holder benefits. Learn more about becoming a Pass Holder.

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