Online training is great, but for many of you, it’s not enough. You are left to figure out how to apply what you’ve learned on your own. You also get the training in bits and pieces, which can make it tough to see how everything fits together.

That’s why I created the Nonprofit Marketing Guide Mentoring Program: to bring it all together for you, so you can make more strategic, methodical decisions, rather than running around with a new, too-long to-do list every week.

I’ve opened the application process for the third session of the program, which will take place January – June 2013.

The program has 10 slots available, and a couple are already spoken for.

Nonprofit Marketing Mentoring ProgramDuring the program, we focus on six core topics that I believe are essential for smart, savvy nonprofit marketing today:

1. Defining and Understanding Your Audiences

2. Refining Your Messaging and Calls to Action

3. Finding the Right Personality for Your Communications

4. Mapping Out Your Content Strategy

5. Using Online Marketing Tools Effectively

6. Building Your Marketing Team

We devote a month to each topic, so at the end of the program, you’ve been through a solid mix of both strategic and tactical decisionmaking. You’ll work with me directly on applying the concepts to your unique situation, while learning from your peers in the program too.

Because there are only ten spots, you have to complete a short application so I can ensure your participation in this program is a good fit for both of us. If you are a nonprofit communications department of one, or an executive director who does everything for your nonprofit, I hope you’ll check out the program and consider applying ASAP. Once these ten spots are filled, that’s it until July 2013.  I will begin offering slots to participants later this month, so if you are interested please apply soon.

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