As of a few minutes ago, 360 nonprofits had participated in our 2013 Nonprofit Communications Trends Survey. We hope to have more than 1,200 participate by the end of the month, but here are a few preliminary results about social media use.

Take the survey now and you can request a free copy of the final report in January.

Take the survey nowWe asked, “Which social media sites will be most important to your communications strategy in 2013? (Pick no more than three.)”

Not much competition here . . .

94% selected Facebook.

65% selected Twitter.

39% selected YouTube.

Next, we asked, “After your top three social media sites for 2013, which are you most likely to add or experiment with in 2013? (Pick no more than three.)”

The competition on this question, on the other hand, is hot!

36% selected Pinterest.

There’s a three-way tie for second place with 26% selecting LinkedIn, YouTube, and/or Google+.

We’ll see how the race for the attention of nonprofit communicators shapes up as more people participate in the survey. Add your voice now!



Published On: November 13, 2012|Categories: Nonprofit Marketing Trends, Social Media|