User Holding Tablet Pc With Audio Podcast With Different FormatsIs podcasting making a big comeback? It seems like every year, I read an article saying Yes.

Despite all the interest in more visual content, there’s something very compelling about rich audio content that doesn’t require you to stare directly at it or to hold it in your hands. Pop in some earbuds or use a Bluetooth speaker and multi-task away.

As an Android user, I’m also excited about new apps that make following podcasts without iTunes much easier.  I’m using Pocket Casts. Stitcher is another good option.

I’m trying to take it slow and not subscribe to too many at once.

Here are five you might like. If you have suggestions for others that nonprofit communications directors would love — AND they are available outside of iTunes! — please share in the comments.

The Yoga of Nonprofit Communications

Driving Participation

Through the Noise

Tony Martignetti’s Nonprofit Radio

Rally and Engage




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