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What the Book Is All About

Kivi Leroux Miller signing copies of The Nonprofit Marketing Guide.

This down-to-earth book shows how to hack through the bewildering jungle of marketing options and miles-long to-do lists to clear a marketing path that’s right for your organization, no matter how understaffed or underfunded.

You’ll see how to shape a marketing program that starts from where you are now and grows with your organization, using smart and savvy communications techniques, both offline and online.

Combining big-picture management and strategic decision-making with reader-friendly tips for implementing a marketing program day in and day out, this book provides a simple yet powerful framework for building support for your organization’s mission and programs.

- Includes cost-effective strategies and proven tactics for nonprofits
- An ideal resource for thriving during challenging times
- Fast, friendly, and realistic advice to help you navigate the day-by-day demands of any nonprofit

Written by Kivi Leroux Miller, one of the leading sources of how-to info and can-do inspiration for small and medium-sized nonprofit organizations.

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The Virtual Book Tour

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Part I: Getting Ready to Do It Right
Part II: Writing a Quick-and-Dirty Marketing Plan
Part III: Building a Community of Supporters Around You
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