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Are You Taking Advantage of These Seven Benefits of Nonprofit Blogging?

Nonprofit blogging . . .

1. Provides a venue for quick, up to the minute news about your organization and cause
2. Establishes your organization as a thought leader in your field
3. Creates content for other communication channels
4. Helps broaden your reach
5. Increases the search ranking of your website
6. Builds trust and rapport with supporters and potential supporters
7. Facilitates conversations and builds community with supporters and potential supporters

Nonprofits are using blogs to build and educate online communities of supporters, to share behind-the-scenes action with their advocates, and to inspire their donors to give more. During this e-clinic expert blog coach Britt Bravo will teach you how to create a nonprofit blogging plan for your organization.

Meet Britt Bravo

Britt Bravo is a blogger, podcaster, blog coach and teacher for artists, writers, creative entrepreneurs and do-gooders. Her local paper, The East Bay Express, named her the Best Podcaster/Blogger Most Dedicated to Social Change.

Britt began blogging in 2005 with the launch of her personal blog, Have Fun, Do Good. Since then, she has written for the Huffington Post, WEtv’s WE Volunteer blog, BlogHer, NetSquared, the Stanford Social Innovation Review Opinion Blog, Worldchanging, Sparked, and the Global Center for Entrepreneurship’s blog.

She also produces her own podcast, the Big Vision Podcast, and the Arts and Healing Network’s podcast. Britt is a frequent teacher and speaker about blogging and social media at events such as the Nonprofit Technology Conference, BlogHer, Craigslist Nonprofit Boot Camp, Global Engagement Summit, Stanford Women's Leadership Conference, and the Writing for Change Conference. She is on the Editorial Board of NTEN: Change.

We are so glad she's agreed to teach for us at Nonprofit Marketing Guide too!

Meet Kivi Leroux Miller

Kivi Leroux Miller is president of  Nonprofit Marketing and the author of "The Nonprofit Marketing Guide: High-Impact, Low-Cost Ways to Build Support for Your Good Cause."   Through training, coaching and consulting, she helps small nonprofits and communications departments of one make a big impression with smart, savvy marketing and communications. She writes the #1 nonprofit communications blog on the web and teaches nearly every week via webinars and in-person workshops.

What's Included in the Blogging E-Clinic

The e-clinic includes four hours of training and personal coaching via webinars with Britt Bravo and Kivi Leroux Miller where you will learn how to create a relevant blog that keeps supporters tuned in to your nonprofit.  Every session will be recorded in case you can't make a session live, or want to go back over certain sections.

** Please note that these webinars will NOT appear on our regular schedule. The only way to attend is to register for this e-clinic. **

Expert Training: Two Webinars

On June 4th and June 7th (from 1:00 - 2:00 Eastern both dates), Britt will walk you through a 10-step planning process to help you clarify your blog's purpose, increase traffic, and create a regular posting schedule:

1. Listening
2. Setting goals
3. Knowing your audience
4. Creating great content
5. Choosing features and functions
6. Deciding how often to post
7. Selecting staff
8. Designing an editorial calendar
9. Increasing traffic and engagement
10. Measuring impact

Expert Advice: Three Coaching Sessions

Each participant will be assigned to one of two coaching webinars. Prior to your assigned webinar, you'll be asked to submit a blog post, your blog's home page, or a list of 10 possible blog post ideas to Britt for review (it's up to you, depending where you are with your blog's development).

During the coaching webinars (June 13th from 1:00 - 2:00 Eastern and June 14th from 3:00 - 4:00 Eastern), Britt will talk participants through what she thinks is working well, and where she suggests you make some changes.

You are encouraged to attend both coaching sessions (not just the one you are assigned to) so you can learn from the conversations Britt has with other participants.

Group Discussion and Sharing

You'll also be invited to participate in a private Facebook group where you'll get additional bonus materials from Britt and Kivi, while discussing blogging questions and challenges with Britt, Kivi, and the other participants.

Special Bonus Materials

Bonus #1

Brainstorm juicy blog post topics with Britt and Kivi that will make your readers come back again and again.

Bonus #2

Guest posting guidelines, and an email template to send to potential contributors.

Bonus #3

Tips for writing great blog post titles.

This e-clinic is right for you if:

* Your organization has been talking *forever*about having a blog , and it's time to make it happen!

* You believe a blog could be central to your content strategy, but you haven't figured out the plan for it yet.

* Your organization has a blog, but it's just not taking off.

* You have great ideas, but haven't figured out how to post on a regular schedule.

* You feel like your blog is too "random" and needs a purpose in life!

Don't register for the e-clinic if:

* You are just looking for technical assistance setting up your blogging platform. This is all about the content, not troubleshooting the technology behind it.

* You care more about how your blog looks than the content you are sharing. We'll talk about some design basics, but this is really about the content you are writing.

* You hate writing. Blogging -- with a few exceptions like photo/video blogs -- is all about writing!

Ready to Blog with More Confidence?

Reserving your spot in the e-clinic is easy. Simply register and pay your fee ($349 USD). We'll immediately send you an email with instructions for your next steps.

As with everything we do, your registration comes with a full money-back guarantee. If after attending the e-clinic, you decide it wasn’t worth the money, simply request a refund within 30 days and we’ll process it right away.

We Have Room for Only 24 Nonprofits . . .

Because each participant will get personal attention from Britt and Kivi, we must limit this e-clinic to only 24 participants. Register now to reserve your spot!


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E-Clinic requires a minimum of eight participants. If you register and we do not meet the minimum, you will receive a full refund.