Looking for someone to help you take your nonprofit's marketing to the next level?

I'm available to coach your communications director or communications/development teams.

Private coaching can follow a few different formats.


CALM stands for Collaborative, Agile, Logical and Methodical, which are four approaches that successful nonprofit communications directors embrace. We can work together to figure out where to focus first and then to make improvements in each of these four areas. This is a great approach for teams who feel like they aren't "firing on all cylinders" or teams that have grown quickly, focusing on doing, doing, doing, without much management strategy in place.

Marketing Maturity

You might be interested in "getting your organization to the next level." In my work, I've found that nonprofits mature through three stages that reflect their attitudes and approaches to communications, marketing, and fundraising. With coaching, I can help you move your nonprofit to the next stage.

Take this 8-question quiz to find your Marketing Maturity Stage.

Stage 1 – Doing.

Nonprofits in this stage are typically all tactics, with little to no real strategy. Other indicators of Stage 1 nonprofits:

  • Constant brainstorming about what should be put in the newsletter, on social media, etc.
  • Desire to reach "everyone" or the "general public" rather than specific groups of people.
  • Jumping around from one communications channel to another, often mimicking what others are doing.
  • Communications is often considered an optional add-on or luxury, and the first to go during a budget crisis.

Stage 2 - Questioning.

Nonprofits in this stage realize that good marketing is about a lot more than just pushing out communications. They begin searching for ways to better understand the needs of the people they are communicating with and to explore how to be more relevant in their lives. Other indicators of Stage 2 nonprofits:

  • Discussions about how to target specific groups of people and the appropriate and relevant messages for them, before deciding on communications channels.
  • Communications, fundraising, and program staff talk and collaborate more often, even if they still work independently most of the time.
  • Initial efforts to write a marketing strategy or develop an editorial calendar.
  • Some attention to communications metrics, but often lacking interpretation of the data.

Stage 3 – Integrating.

Nonprofits in this stage are more fully integrating marketing into program goals and vice versa, and integrating communications channels to best meet the needs of both the nonprofit and the people they are communicating with. Other indicators of Stage 3 nonprofits:

  • Marketing decisions are very participant- or supporter-centered.
  • Communications is seen as essential to fundraising and programmatic success.
  • All departments contribute to the editorial calendar, but editorial decision making is nimble.
  • Communications staff are given permission -- if not outright encouraged -- to experiment and to learn from failure.

Timing and Pricing for Private Coaching

Coaching engagements vary depending on the size of your team and complexity of the issues. The goal is to help you and your team uncover insights about what's holding you back and how you can best move forward.

Coaching consists of a series of regular phone or video calls, with unlimited email support in between, where I help guide you over barriers that are holding your nonprofit back and through decisions that will move you forward. We often use worksheets during and in between sessions to help you think through the best approaches for your organization.  My style of coaching is very goal and results oriented -- this is not "therapy at work."

Here are some typical pricing scenarios:

Six-Week Intensive. Want to make progress fast on something very specific or need an accountability partner? We can set a six-week goal, with weekly phone calls. The fee is usually $2,500.

Three-Month Plan. This is the most popular option, with calls every other week and assignments and email support in between calls. The fee is usually $5,000.

Six-Month Team Coaching. This option is best for larger organizations with multiple team members, and includes both work as a group and coaching of multiple individuals on their own. The fee starts at $10,000.

Please email me at kivi@ecoscribe.com, complete the form below, or call my office at 336-300-8394 for a free initial consultation to determine if coaching is a good solution for your nonprofit and which approach makes the most sense.

Learn more about the three stages of nonprofit marketing maturity in Content Marketing for Nonprofits (Amazon).

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