candyhearts200How people feel about your nonprofit matters more than what they think about it. 

This webinar was originally recorded on April 16th, 2014.


The angel in your supporters’ hearts overrules the bookkeeper in their heads all the time – and yet many nonprofits center their donor communications on the bookkeeper, talking mostly about tax receipts, to-do lists, event logistics, and program statistics.

Instead, what if you focused on connecting with and engaging those inner angels to the point that you became their favorite nonprofit? Just imagine the good they could make possible for you and your cause.

We know that the favorite nonprofit wins: a recent study on nonprofit donor engagement found that donors gave two-thirds of their annual charitable donations to one favorite charity. Other donor research shows that the extent to which someone considers your nonprofit a favorite can determine how likely they are to support you in the future.

Kivi Leroux Miller of Nonprofit Marketing Guide believes that all of the donor research available to us boils down to just three things that donors want from nonprofits:

  • To feel appreciated
  • To feel included
  • To feel in the know

During this webinar, Kivi will show you how you can create a donor communications plan that makes donors feel that way, so you become their favorite.

She’ll reveal how you can use five types of communications – in addition to your appeals -- to make it work:

  • Thank You Letters
  • Newsletters
  • Annual Reports
  • Special Invitations
  • Social Media

Join us to learn how you keep more of your current donors while gaining new ones, simply by investing in your donor communications plan.

Kivi Leroux Miller


Kivi Leroux MillerPresident of Nonprofit Marketing presented this webinar.


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