Nonprofit Marketing Accelerators


Planning Your Communications:
Mastering Your Editorial Calendar in 2018

February 14 - March 7, 2018

During this four-week Nonprofit Marketing Accelerator coaching program,
you'll design, build, and implement an editorial calendar customized for your nonprofit's communications,
with help from Kivi Leroux Miller and your fellow participants.

You have too much content to create, too many communications channels to manage and too little time for any of it, right?

The urgent overtakes the important. Priorities get lost in the chaos. You can’t get everyone on the same page.

You are not alone. In fact, this is very common in nonprofits.

So what are you going to do about it?

You have two choices:

Keep muddling through. Watch your to-do list continue to grow. Eat lunch at your desk every day. Wonder if any of it is making a difference. Throw shade at friends in corporate communications who also complain but who make three times what you do.

Or . . .

Change your mindset. Own your job. Sculpt your editorial calendar into a muscular, yet flexible, dynamo that allows you to get a grip on your communications plan and catch your breath!

You CAN do something.

Our research shows that nonprofits with effective communications are three times as likely to use an editorial calendar as those who say their communications are ineffective. Effective communicators are also twice as likely to invest significant time into editorial planning as ineffective ones.

Editorial planning works. 

Join us for this Accelerator and we'll help you make it work at your nonprofit too. 


Here's What You'll Get Done . . .

Decide The Strategy

Week 1: We'll help you decide on the key factors that should be driving your editorial decisions.

What results do you need from your communications? Do you need people to take specific actions, like registering or donating? Or are you trying to educate them in some way, or provide a service to them through your communications? You'll see why narrowing down the priorities for your communications -- or at least identifying the essentials -- is the key to creating a powerful editorial calendar.

We'll also ask you to consider this question: How will a good editorial calendar make you feel smarter and make your organization more effective? The answers to these questions will help you ensure that you are creating a tool you'll actually use.

Bonus: Two-Part Webinar Series -- "Everything You Need to Know about Editorial Calendars in 2018" on February 6th and 8th. Attend live or watch the recordings, depending on when you register for the Accelerator.  


Week 2: We'll help you decide on the right mix of communications channels and how often you should be using them.

Are you using your website/blog, email, direct mail, social media and PR in ways that make sense? Is the way you create content for these channels coordinated and streamlined, or is it a jumbled mess?

Are you communicating often enough, or too much? How often should you update your website, send email, and post to Facebook and Twitter?

We'll help you sort it out.

BONUS: You'll get a copy of our e-book, "10 Editorial Calendar Templates for Nonprofits."  


Do the Work

Week 3: We'll help you pick the right editorial format and software for you.

With important decisions made about your key messages, your communications channels, and your frequency, it's time to start designing your editorial calendar.

Should you use a spreadsheet, layered calendars, or a project management tool? We'll walk you through the choices and help you figure out the best way to go for you and your organization.



Deliver the Goods

Week 4: We'll help you set it up so it makes you smarter and more strategic.

With the format and software selected, we'll help you set it up so that it makes sense. We'll help you connect your design back to your goals and priorities.

We'll talk about the Rule of Thirds for filling in your editorial calendar so that you ensure your priorities are covered, while still giving yourself plenty of flexibility for whatever comes up. We'll also cover the role of evergreen content in your calendar.

We'll discuss strategies for how to handle common problems like keeping it updated and using it as a collaboration tool with other staff.

Finally, we'll also talk about how to manage editorial meetings. We'll help you with draft agendas you can customize for your nonprofit's needs.

BONUS: We'll continue to actively support you in the private Facebook Group through March 31.   

Editorial calendars often need tweaking to get them just right, so we'll be there to answer questions and offer support as you put your new editorial calendar to work.

Space is Limited!

Registration is $600 and includes up to three members of your communications team.

This is the only time this Accelerator will be offered in 2018.

What's Included

  • Working directly with Kivi and with other participants through the process of deciding your strategy, doing the work, and delivering a final product.
  • Weekly group coaching online meetings, so we can screen share and make real progress together each week. Calls are on Wednesdays from 12:00 - 1:00 pm ET (9-10 am PT) and are always recorded in case you need to miss a call. We may add more calls depending on the number of Accelerator participants, but you will only be expected to attend one call per week.
  • Private Facebook Group where you can share ideas and solve problems with others who are working on their editorial calendars.
  • Worksheets, checklists, recordings, examples, and other materials to help you make good decisions throughout the Accelerator.
  • Up to three people from your team can participate on live calls and in the Facebook Group.

Special Bonuses

In addition to the weekly Accelerator calls and materials, you'll also get complimentary access to

Two-part webinar series on February 6th and 8th, "Everything You Need to Know about Editorial Calendars in 2018" Attend live or watch the recordings, depending on when you register for the Accelerator.

The e-book, "10 Editorial Calendar Templates for Nonprofits"

Space is Limited!

Registration is $600 and includes up to three members of your communications team.

This is the only time this Accelerator will be offered in 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the group coaching calls?

The group coaching calls are scheduled for 12:00 - 1:00 pm Eastern (9 am Pacific) on the following dates.  We will also record every call and share those links in the Facebook Group.

  • Wednesday, February 14
  • Wednesday, February 21
  • Wednesday, February 28
  • Wednesday, March 7

Are private coaching calls available?

Most of the work, including troubleshooting individual problems, will take place on the group calls. If you are struggling with something, odds are someone else is too! However, if you feel like you need a private call with Kivi to work through a problem, we can certainly schedule time for that, as long as you have actively participated in the group calls.

Space is Limited!

Registration is $600 and includes up to three members of your communications team.

This is the only time this Accelerator will be offered in 2018.