Kivi Leroux Miller is available to speak on a variety of nonprofit marketing and communications topics during keynotes, panels, and workshops either in person or online. The schedule often books out six months in advance, so please contact us early!

If overnight or plane travel is involved (Kivi flies out of Charlotte, NC - CLT) the minimum speaking fee for a keynote or half-day workshop is $5,000. Full-day speaking engagements start at $7,500.  All travel expenses must be reimbursed. We are happy to discuss your needs and negotiate the fees with you.

Rather do it online? Private one-hour webinars or "skyped in" presentations for your group start at $1,200.

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Kivi Leroux Miller - Public Speaking and Training Testimonials

2018 Create Good Conference, Durham, NC

"She GETS IT. Just...thank you! She was a great way to end things, because I felt like I was getting
a lot of good, immediately usable info from her."

"I loved her personality! She got straight to the point and I liked all the
examples she provided. I feel like I was getting advice I would get from a psychologist or
something. This session really helped me rethink how I work; and how much time and energy I put
into work. And things I can change (and not) in my work environment."

2017 NC Statewide Food Council Gathering, Workshop on Using Communications to Energize and Inspire

"I LOVED this workshop! Kivi was very knowledgeable and organized. She had a lot of enthusiasm. Great presentation!"

"Best session so far."

93% of participants were "very satisfied" with the workshop.

2017 Bridge Conference, National Harbor, MD

"My favorite session of the conference!"

"Funny, enlightening, honest and refreshing!"

2017 Create Good Conference, Durham, NC

"Kivi's session was fantastic. The room was overflowing, so I ended up moving to another session. But I ended up going back to Kivi's session, and wish I'd stayed the whole time! She needs to be in a bigger room."

"Kivi was amazing. Very detailed, thorough, deep nuggets of information for both intro-level and experienced professionals."

2016 Webinars for Bloomerang

"Great points and very informative. It's always a pleasure to hear Kivi speak."

"This was probably the best webinar I've ever attended."

"Kivi was excellent, as always. A terrific session."

July 2014, Keynote and Conference Leader, Annual Training Conference.
WNC Chapter of AFP

"Kivi was our keynote and conference leader at the WNC Chapter of AFP’s annual training conference. The feedback we received was unanimous. Kivi doesn’t just make a presentation. She gives clear, straightforward, practical, achievable advice from one professional to another. She is the best in the business at interweaving marketing and fundraising. She is down to earth and approachable, does not overmarket herself, and is completely delightful and entertaining. We will definitely have her again soon!

July 2014, Executive Directors’ Event: A Night with Kivi Leroux Miller
WNC Chapter of AFP

"Kivi’s humor, positive examples, experience, and wisdom kept our group going until we simply ran out of time.  Her answers were cogent and challenging, but always upbeat.  Her vast knowledge of how to present a nonprofit in a winning way sent us forth recharged and with a full tool kit.

Having Kivi was a big “win” for our chapter.  Her presence and professionalism put her in the top group of presenters we have ever heard nationally." ~ Alex Comfort, President, AFPWNC

October 2013, Texas Nonprofit Summit
How to Communicate Like Their Favorite Nonprofit

"THANK YOU for sharing your wisdom, time and energy with us at the conference! In addition to the great comments and 'strongly agrees' in the attached compilation, we talked to a number of folks who were in your session, all of whom shared how valuable and helpful it was." ~ Ann Starr, Director of Education at Greenlights for Nonprofit Success

"Best presentation of the conference!"

"Kivi got us engaged and talking to one another and real life examples relevant to our own lives and organizations. Outstanding presentation."

"Loved the detail—rich content—engaging—got us to work."

"Extremely well presented and relevant information."

"The best presentation this year that I heard."

"Totally awesome speaker and presentation!"

"Great advice, very interactive."

September 2013, Land Trust Alliance Rally
How to Communicate Like Their Favorite Nonprofit

"Thank you once again for delivering such a high-quality, relevant topic. Both Land Trust Alliance and the land trust community appreciate your hard work on this issue." ~ Pam Nicholls, Training & Conferences Manager at the Land Trust Alliance

"Great guide to newsletter writing; great way to consider your communication style; source of good ideas and examples."

"Strong presentation – well articulated key points; easy to keep track and take notes on handouts; relevant to communications issues we face."

"I really appreciate this seminar. Kivi was clearly prepared to involve us and had researched the land trusts represented in the room. It didn’t feel like a presentation used for all her other speaking engagements. She was practical and insightful."

"Kivi is great, fun, sharp and knowledgeable."

"Engaging, very helpful, clear."

"Helpful insight to donors and how they think/ enhancing messaging to donors."

July 2012,
How to Create a Nonprofit Annual Report People Will Actually Read

"Kivi is the best presenter."

"Kivi knows her stuff!  She explained many concepts in this webinar in an easy-to-understand format with a common sense approach. Loved it and she left me wanting more!  Great job."

"Great webinar! Very helpful to see examples of what works."

"Thanks so much for all of the very helpful information. I feel like I have a much stronger grasp on the understanding of what should and should not be included in our organization's annual report. "

"Thanks for confirming what I was already thinking to be right. Now I'll be able to express my opinion (and yours!) with a bigger voice. Surely, I will be prepared with a real presentation to make my point."

"Loved it - we last did an Annual Report 5 years ago. This new information is much more helpful and takes a great burden off my shoulders (it's OK to not make the dreaded list!). "

"It was great that I got the e-book the day before.  Looking through it prepared me to get lots more out of the webinar."

"Kivi is amazing.  I would definitely participate in anything she does."

"This was a great webinar, very helpful and personable. Enjoyed Kivi's style."

June 2012, NTEN Technology Leadership Academy
"Effective Internet Presence" 

"It was a wonderful presentation with information to help making changes right away."

"What an excellent teacher! Well organized, great examples, clear charts, time management was perfect. I am a professor myself, and I was really impressed with her ability to communicate and teach. The best I've seen."

"Probably the most engaging session far that I've been able to attend. Very clear, precise presentation of simple, realistic steps to take. Thanks for the insights!"

"I really like this session because one can go back and fix right away what is wrong on a website."

"I thought this was a very informative, engaging and helpful webinar."


June 2012,
Writing Thank You Notes That Inspire Future Gifts

"This was very helpful. I liked that she was honest in some of the areas there is disagreement in the effectiveness of different thanking techniques. She also gave a lot of clear examples and specific tools on what we can do to improve our donor thanking."

"Wonderful presenter, easy to follow along with, great pacing, subject choice, examples and emphasis. Much appreciated!"

"I really enjoyed Kivi's presentation. I was happy to hear that we're doing a lot of things right but I appreciate many of the suggestions to make our thank you letters even better."

"Kivi does a great job of tackling common-sense issues and presenting them in an informative, action-driven way."

"Kivi is an excellent presenter - engaging, knowledgable and with practical suggestions."

"Kivi was an excellent presenter-good pace, easily understandable, nice balance with real examples. I only wish there was more time to go in further depth---how about part 2 continuation?"

"Well done! Great webinar and I appreciate all the great information. I did learn many things to enhance our 'thank you' letters as well as what to exclude."

May 2012,  Alliance for Children and Families
Writing Thank You Notes That Inspire Future Gifts

"Kivi’s presentation on Thank You Letters was excellent.  It was informative, high energy and engaging.  We immediately reviewed our acknowledgement letters!" -- Marty Tiani, Children's Aid and Family Services, Inc.

"The content was great and I learned a lot! Thanks for the great webinar!"

"Very interesting and informative. Made me think and also made me go back and look hard at my thank you letters. Thanks for the new insight.  Well presented with good examples. "

"Thought the content was very good – especially appreciated the examples, as applying what you know is different from just the theory. I really enjoyed the webinar; very engaging and thought provoking"

"Excellent webinar. Many valuable ideas even for seasoned writers and development professionals. Thank you for keeping the presentation lively and relevant with easy-to-follow organization, concrete examples, and the chance to interact. Great job; highly worthwhile. I received a great deal of concrete, useful information, and I thought the presenter did an excellent job of organizing and presenting the material. Thank you!"

"I really got a lot out of this webinar. Thank you!"

"Even as a seasoned fundraiser, I thought the content was very useful. The presenter shared specific examples and tips that could be put into action. Well done!"

"One of the best Alliance webinars I have attended."

"Great benchmarking and samples."

"Thanks so much! Very informative."

March 2012, Southeast Land Conservation Conference
Communicating as Passionate Conservation Leaders

"Thanks for giving specific examples of good/bad websites, how to do it, what to show, what words to use."

"Empowering and motivating. Thanks!"

"Loved the brainstorming and working time – this helps make the info “take-home-able” in a good ready-to-use implement format. Thanks!"

"I feel empowered to change the way we do things!"

"Very upbeat and enjoyable! Thank you for your great leadership."

"Loved this, excellent examples, real life, interactive!"

"Kivi is always great and relevant!"

"Let me put it this way - I had to go to the bathroom half an hour ago, but didn’t want to miss anything. Time well spent. Thank you!"

October 2011, Philanthropy Midwest Conference
Putting Real Strategy into Your Social Media Outreach with Kivi Leroux Miller

"Great outline and approach to a broad topic."

"Great content! Timely and relevant!"

"Very valuable info for my organization."

"Wasn't going to attend this year because I've attended so many social media workshops. I came away energized with a ton of ideas!"

"Kivi is a great resource!"

"Excellent! I follow Kivi's blog and was anxious to hear her in person. When you see other presentors attending seminars, you know you're experiencing something great!"

August 2011, Technology Leadership Academy
"Effective Internet Presence" 

"Kivi was great! So much information--I can't wait to start putting it into practice. Thank you!"

"This was the best of the presentations to date in terms of the presenter's style, focus, and capacity to keep the group engaged. I also really liked the content level--felt like the right mix of strategy and tactics. Yeah for Kivi!"

"Best speaker yet. Knowledgeable and the information was put into practical tips that got right to the point and were HELPFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved her."

"I thought this was the most useful presentation so far. The practical, how-to information was exactly what we need."

"Today's speaker was great - the best of the webinars so far (it fit what I am really interested in and need right now)!"

August 24 & 25, 2011, GuideStar
"Putting Real Strategy into Your Social Media Outreach"

"Kivi was fabulous to work with in preparation for her webinar – after the initial email promotion went out, the registration maxed out in less than six hours! She was willing to open up another spot for a webinar the next day, so we were able to allow more people to attend her highly anticipated webinar. Within a week, that one sold out as well! Kivi delivered a presentation tailored to what our audience needs – tangible takeaways and tips for actions they could take NOW to better their current social media strategy. I’d definitely work on another webinar with her in the future. Thanks Kivi!" - Diana Hand, Marketing Manager, GuideStar USA

Webinar Participants said:

"This was one of the best webinar's I have ever been to. Very useful,valuable and current information. Everything that she presented was very practical. She then showed real world examples."

"Could not have been presented better. Presenter: excellent. Materials: excellent. Analogies: great. Very well done and our agency will be using the tips presented today. "

"This seminar has gotten me to think more seriously about Twitter and Facebook. I have always been afraid to use them."

"I really appreciate that the information was basic enough to be easily understood, but still provided new material. I am definitely taking this information with me and implementing it into our social media strategy. Thanks, Kivi!"

"Kivi did a wonderful job with presenting simple and useful tips to follow. The pace kept my interest and the infomation was useful. Thank you."

"It was wonderful! Very informative and helpful for our organization. Can't wait for the next one!"

"I loved how confident Kivi was in her message, and that the content was so perfectly targeted to the needs of those of us in the non-profit sector. She was candid, clear, and very organized in her message to us. Thanks so much!"

May 2011, Technology Leadership Academy
"Effective Internet Presence"

"Kivi was fabulous! Loved that she practiced what she preached and gave us snack size in her presentation. A lot of useful information."

"Best session so far. Kivi was an excellent and motivating speaker. Her information clear and adaptable for any size nonprofit. The time went by so quickly....she left me wanting to hear more."

"Fantastic session and really valuable. So much I need to think through..thanks."

"This was definitely the best webinar yet. I feel like this speaker covered a lot of the topics that are of interest to my non-profit."

March 2011, Nonprofit Technology Conferene
"Weaving Your Marketing Loose Ends into a Strong, Tight, Powerful Plan"

"Great facilitator, great presenter, lots of content delivered with energy."

"Very informative workshop and I can't wait to read Kivi's book and get started on a marketing plan!"

"This was the best session of the conference for me. Tangible steps and examples that I am sure we can adopt ourselves. Speakers are very knowledgeable and managed the session very well."

"I really enjoyed hearing good practices from the consultants as well as how the non-profit employee speakers applied those practices."

"Great handouts, excellent tips, wonderful real world examples of how nonprofits with different challenges crafted and implemented marketing plans."

"Kivi is always fantastic. Loved the real world communications staffer sharing what they've done to improve marketing. Also some good templates were shared, which are always a big help."

January 2011, AFP Cape Fear Region, Wilmington, NC
2-hour Workshop on "Storytelling for Fundraisers"

"Thank you so much for a fantastic workshop! The event sold out within two weeks, and I'm glad we could squeeze in the folks on the waiting list. Many of the participants said it was one of the most interesting AND useful workshops they had attended. Kivi showed us how to find and tell the great stories about our volunteers, our donors and our clients. The success of this workshop has given our AFP chapter a real boost in the local nonprofit community."   ~ Patricia Lawler, AFP-NC, Cape Fear Region Chapter

August 2010, Nonprofit Technology Network
"Turning Your Nonprofit into a Self-made Media Mogul"

Three Part Webinar Series

"Kivi has the ability to teach web 2.0 topics in a clear and concise way to those who are just beginning to bridge the gap between direct marketing and interactive marketing.

We enlisted Kivi to present a three-webinar series on Turning Your Nonprofit into a Self-made Media Mogul and it was a great success. Attendees were going out of their way in every session to tell us how valuable it was to them. In a post-event survey, one attendee described the webinar as "hugely useful", she continued on to say "I'm very glad to have the recordings, as I can look back over the rich content. Good overview as well as many details."

It's not only Kivi's vast knowledge of online marketing and social media, but also the concise communication and presentation skills she draws upon in her trainings that make her a highly valued member of the NTEN community. " - Sarah Janczak, Community Manager, NTEN
July 2010, YMCA of the USA General Assembly
"Three Stories Your Y Should Be Telling"

Two 90-minute workshops on storytelling, 250-300 people per session

"Very useful, concrete tools for real life application. Kivi has a very pleasant personality. She worked well with the audience. She was excellent!"

"Speaker had great rapport with audience. Really engaged us."

"Thanks for teaching! Loved that we could work through our story telling mistakes."

"Best storytelling workshop I've been to! She's direct, critical, and a great teacher!"

"Excellent! Very practical tools and examples. One of the best sessions with take home that I've attended! Q & A very helpful."

"Awesome! Enhanced my writing skills! Thank you!"

"She was great! As a person who hates to write stories. I loved her bullet point approach! Thanks!"

"Strong & needed."

March 2010 AFP West Michigan Workshop
"Messaging in 2010: New Ways to Talk with Donors About Your Good Cause"
One-hour keynote delivered to an in-person workshop via webinar

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The program you led for AFP-WM was awesome! The initial feedback was outstanding with one member commenting that we “knocked it out of the park” with this program. Your webinar was very well done and the information was so timely and relevant and it definitely connected with all in attendance. The discussion after the webinar was very successful, with many wishing they had more time. The questions you provided helped the presenters lead some great discussion." ~ Janice Fonger, AFP West Michigan Chapter

"Nonprofit 911" Training Calls for Network for Good
Kivi presents a couple of teleconferences per year for Network for Good on various online marketing topics, with several hundred nonprofits participating.

"We at Network for Good are so thankful that Kivi has been one of Nonprofit 911’s all-star presenters. Our team consistently receives feedback from nonprofits participants thanking her for the quality and accessibility of all of the material she presenters. From thanking donors to killer e-newsletter campaign tricks, Kivi and her presentations are always a hit and we look forward to getting her onto our calendar whenever we can!" ~Rebecca Ruby Higman, Product Marketing Manager, Network for Good

2009 Nonprofit PR & Marketing Forum, Sarasota, FL
Sponsored by the Community Foundation of Sarasota County and the Florida Public Relations Association
Two 2-hour keynote presentations on low-cost, real-world nonprofit marketing and nonprofit storytelling

"When our Community Foundation invites a speaker to address our nonprofit community, we're always looking for that very rare mix of inspiration, extremely practical information that can be used immediately, and knowledge that moves us to higher levels of understanding and effectiveness with the work we're so passionate about. Kivi accomplished all of this. Her sessions were phenomenal, and our participants are asking for more." ~ Susie Bowie, Community Foundation of Sarasota County

2009 Meals on Wheels Association of America Annual Conference & Expo, San Diego, CA
One 3-hour workshop, "Your Nonprofit Marketing Plan: A Roadmap to Building Support for Your Organization," and one 90-minute workshop, "Telling Your Story to the Media and Your Supporters"

"Thank you so much for being part of the faculty at the 2009 MOWAA Annual Conference in San Diego. The courses you presented for our Communication's Certificate Program were extremely well received. You are a very engaging educator who manages to keep people involved in the sessions, even the long 3-hour one, from the moment you start speaking.

Our attendees have told us how much they learned from your courses and how helpful the handouts were for future reference. In fact, we are using your scenarios from the Storytelling session as a guideline for a video we are developing."

~ Magda Hageman-Apol, Assistant Vice President and Director of the National Center for Nutrition Leadership, Meals On Wheels Association of America

2009 Southeast Land Trust Conference, Auburn, AL
Hosted by the Land Trust Alliance

“Using the Web and Online Tools for Marketing Your Land Trust to Donors and Supporters”

Average numerical rankings from attendee evaluation forms:

– Overall quality of presentation: 4.8 (out 0f 5)
– Usefulness of information presented: 4.9 (out of 5)
– The instructor was well prepared: 5 (out of 5)

Comments from the attendee evaluation forms:

– Stellar presentation, great delivery! More, more, more.
– Great, great, great - very informative.
– Great useful info!
– We love this seminar!!
– Fantastic! Thank you!
– Great stuff. Slowly moving from Gutenberg Galaxy to Global Village. This will help.
– I really liked the fact that it was pointed out that there is a process for implementing these tools that you work toward; you don’t have to do everything all at once.
– Worthwhile for all levels.

National Arts Marketing Project Workshop, Charlotte, NC
Hosted by the Arts and Science Council of Charlotte and Americans for the Arts

“Online Marketing: Building Blocks for Success” and “Turning Participants into Supporters: Stepping Up Your Online Fundraising”

Comments from the attendee evaluation forms:

–Kivi was very interesting and funny, she knows her stuff, and gave us really easy, useful stuff that we can implement right away.
–Was extremely engaging and knowledgeable
–Very practical information on websites and e-newsletters
–Very useful for the real world!
–Very insightful!

2008 Planned Giving Days Conference, Washington, DC
Hosted by the National Capital Gift Planning Council

“Applying the Hot Trends in Nonprofit Marketing to Your Planned Giving Newsletters”

Comments from attendee evaluation forms:

–This was the best session I went to - very engaging and interesting. It was also very good that she involved participants in the session to make it more interactive.
–Extremely helpful information that I can use today.
–By far, my favorite speaker of the conference. Very engaging and current and interactive!
–Fantastic speaker, by far the best I saw at the conference
–Kivi has great common sense and a good, relaxed presentation style.
–Outstanding speaker and wonderful presentation.

2008 Neighborhood Networks Regional Technical Assistance Workshops, Nashville, TN and San Francisco, CA
Hosted by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

“May I Have Your Attention, Please? Marketing for Neighborhood Networks Centers”

Comments from attendee evaluation forms:

–Wow! Great stuff!
–Very informative, lots of great stuff!
–Should have presented the whole session. Tons of information, but would have liked more details and more depth. The best!
–Very knowledgeable. Wonderful ideas to use the Internet to promote Neighborhood Networks sites. Helped immensely on a frontier that I had been nervous about.
–Excellent information provided.

2008 National Smart Start Conference, Greensboro, NC
Hosted by the North Carolina Partnership for Children

“Blogs, Podcasts and Webinars: Getting Your Message Out Electronically”

Comments from the attendee evaluation forms:

–This was the best session I’ve attended at the conference thus far in terms of the presenter’s expertise, organization of presentation, and usefulness for the future.
–I’ve subscribed to Kivi’s blog for a long time and benefit tremendously. I can’t wait to put these tools to work!
–Excellent! Please have Kivi back next year!
–Best, most practical workshop I’ve been to in a long time!
–Great PowerPoint, visually interesting and well-designed