iStock_000005033790XSmallWhen you write your donor communications, are you speaking to your donor’s inner angel or to their inner bookkeeper?

The inner angel is the part of your supporter who decides to give you a donation or to volunteer their time with you because you have touched them in some way, and that angel wants to give back to you.

Angels are all heart, and they are usually in charge of decisionmaking. You need to keep the angel on your side.

The inner bookkeeper is the part of your supporter that needs a receipt for the donation for their taxes, or the directions to your event, or other logistical or factual information. Bookkeepers are all head. We like to think our bookkeepers are in charge most of the time, but they really aren’t.

I believe that all of the donor research available to us boils down to just three things that donors want from nonprofits:

  • To feel appreciated
  • To feel included
  • To feel in the know

A recent study on nonprofit donor engagement found that donors gave two-thirds of their annual charitable donations to one favorite charity. Changing your donor communications plan to include aspects of all three of these donor needs will help you become that favorite.

And my FREE webinar next week will show you just how to change your communications plan.

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