Nonprofit Content Marketing CookbookIt’s almost done . . .  The Nonprofit Content Marketing Cookbook: Your Guide to Creating and Curating Content that Educates, Motivates and Inspires will be released later this month.

I’ve heard from so many of you who are excited about all of the different ways that you can directly reach your participants and supporters now, both offline and online. But in those same conversations, you’ve told me how daunting it is to create all of that content for your website, blog, newsletters, social media, direct mail, and more.

I’ve written this new e-book to help you sort it all out.  This e-book brings together in one place all of the thinking, teaching, and writing I’ve been doing over the last two years on nonprofit content marketing. I’m putting the finishing touches on it this week, and it will be available for you in mid-September. (Pre-order now and you’ll save 33%.)

Here are the chapters you’ll find inside:

  • What is Content Marketing for Nonprofits?
  • Why Your Nonprofit Should Embrace Content Marketing
  • Nourishing Your Community: Content Marketing Strategies for Nonprofits
  • Stocking Your Pantry: The Type of Content to Create and Curate
  • Celebrity Chefs: How Personality Influences Content
  • Reheating and Remixing: Repurposing Your Content
  • Serving It Up: The Best Nonprofit Communications Channels
  • Planning the Menu: Building Your Editorial Calendar
  • Keeping Them Coming Back for More: Your Communications Arcs
  • Inviting Others to Dinner: Creating Content Paths for New Supporters
  • Who’s Cooking Tonight? Staffing Your Content Strategy
  • Equipping Your Kitchen: Tools That Make Content Marketing Easier

It also includes a worksheet that you can complete as you read through the chapters, so you can outline your content marketing plan as you go.

Just like our Nonprofit Annual Reports E-Book, this one will be $37.

If you pre-order a copy now, you’ll not only be the first to receive a copy, but you’ll save 33% too.

Pre-order now and the Nonprofit Content Marketing Cookbook is yours for just $25.

By the way, All-Access Pass Holders will get this new e-book for free, as part of the Pass (just like with all of our e-books).

This is a PDF e-book. When you pre-order, we’ll send you a link in mid-September to download the e-book before it is released to the public.