The Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants for this week is now up at Solidariti. You’ll find some great posts on marketing, technology, fundraising, and more. Priscilla says she received more great entries than she could include (we keep the Carnival to seven posts to increase the likelihood that you’ll have time to read them all). Thanks to everyone for submitting your best post week after week!

On March 17, the Carnival travels to Sam Davidson’s Blog. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day and the very “green” shamrocks that accompany related celebrations, the Carnival is looking for posts that relate the nonprofit world to anything “green.” This can be the environment, money, or even how to train new hires (those “green” to the sector). So, as long as your post is related to a “green” topic in any form, you’ve got a shot at being included in this week’s Carnival!

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