commdirectorLast week, the Chronicle of Philanthropy published an op-ed I wrote called Why Your Communications Directors is Unhappy and What to Do About It  (Subscription required, unfortunately.) 

In the piece, I talk about the frustrations communications directors share with us every day via our training and mentoring programs, as well as data from the 2016 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report on job satisfaction among nonprofit communications directors.

I also sketch out a plan for executive directors to follow:

The 4 Ds of Effectively Managing Communications Teams

  • Dedicate yourself and real resources to communications.
  • Define the work.
  • Delegate the work, including decisions.
  • Discuss the work often.

I elaborate in these two pages from the report (pdf): Tips for EDs from 2016 Trends Report.

Feel free to print out either the Chronicle article or the pdf of tips and quietly slip it to your executive director. Better yet, openly hand it over and say that you’d love to sit down and talk about it with him or her!

Let me know how it goes.




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