Yesterday at Google’s DC Headquarters, they gathered about 200 nonprofits, consultants, and bloggers to unveil their latest version of Google for Nonprofits. Google’s had all of its tools of interest to nonprofits on one page for awhile, but here’s what’s different now:

They are bundling several services into a suite of tools that you can apply for all at once, including the in-kind $10,000/month Google  Grant for Adwords (those ads that appear on the search results pages), and the special overlays that allow you to put clickable buttons on to your YouTube videos. It brings it all together.

They are also committing to approve or disapprove your application in 30 days. Several nonprofits have complained about falling into the application black hole, so this commitment to respond in 30 days is also new and nice.

Google for Nonprofits

To learn more about what you can actually do if you are approved (and a couple of cautions), check out Rohit Bhargava’s take on the announcement:

What You Should Know about Google for Nonprofits

The majority of the program was really a show-and-tell product demo, including some of the newest bells and whistles on existing products like Google Maps, as well as some new products, especially for Android mobile devices.

Beth Kanter offers a good wrap-up of those demos on her blog:

Google Launches Google for Nonprofits

The Nonprofit Technology Conference starts today, so I’ll share more of what I learn from here in the next few days.

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