Mixed Links for Nonprofit Marketers and Fundraisers June 13, 2014

Mixed Links MojitoHappy Friday, everyone! Let’s have some Mixed Links…

Marc Pitman shares 5½ Things to Say at Your Next Major Gift Solicitation.

If different officers in your organization squabble over who a donor “belongs” to, check out Whose Donor Is It Anyway?

Do you know Why You Should Recruit Millennials to Boost Your NPO?

Looking for content to share and use Hootsuite? Chris Tuttle shares 3 Tips to Easily Curate Content with Hootsuite.

Who knew websites could be a metaphor for life? Here are 10 life lessons from web design trends.

Wild Apricot has some ideas on How To Avoid Hearing “I’m Busy” From Volunteers.

Build an Email List That Loves Hearing From You: 5 Guiding Principles from Constant Contact includes some great tips on keeping your subscribers happy.

Check out Charity Navigator’s  2014 Metro Market Study to find out how your city’s largest charities stack up against others.

Nonprofit Training

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July 22: Annual Report Basics: Written Annual Reports Donors Will Actually Read

July 29: Email Newsletters for Nonprofits Part I: Strategies to Make the Most of Your E-Newsletter

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