#MixedLinks for Nonprofit Marketers and Fundraisers August 8, 2014

Good stuff on the webHelp! Have you read an article you think would be great for Mixed Links? Let me know! Just tweet the link using #MixedLinks (and if you have room mention @kristinaleroux), then I will take a look. And give you full credit for the find, of course. ~Kristina

-A few weeks ago, we told you about our friend Erica Mills’ mission statement makeovers. Now, she’s flipping that on its head and hosting the WORST Nonprofit Mission Statement Contest.  Here’s hoping you don’t win (unless you want to – there is a secret prize)! (h/t @ericamills)

-Better get used to reading “Nonprofit with Balls” because Vu is putting out some great stuff over there. I particularly related to The courage for mediocrity: We nonprofit professionals need to give ourselves a break.

-Tom Ahern has a great post about How to Give Your Donors Purpose They Can Afford over on the Bloomerang blog.

-Learn more about mobile fundraising in This Blog Post Is Being Written on a Mobile Phone. (h/t to @GuideStarUSA)

-Gail Perry gives you 6 Steps to Creating The Fundraising Results You Really Want.

-Find yourself handling your organization’s marketing even though you that’s not what you were hired for? Bad Language has 6 eye-opening marketing insights for non-marketers.

-Wild Apricot wants to know How Are You Welcoming New Members?

-Maureen Carruthers at Low Hanging Fruit Communications shares a New way to find images for your website.

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August 19: Feedback and Fine-Tuning Session: Advanced Storytelling with Lori L. Jacobwith

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