Mixed Links for Nonprofit Marketers

mixeddrinksHappy Friday! Join me for some Mixed Links…

For those of you who feel like you’re being pulled in many different directions, but still need to keep creating, take a listen to 5 Simple Steps for Creating Content, Even When Life Gets in the Way (podcast).

Kivi guest posted over at Classy blog on how to Get CALM: A New Mantra for Nonprofit Communications Directors.

CauseVox shares 6 Nonprofit Thought Leaders You Need To Follow.

Jay Love at Bloomerang says The Single Simplest Way To Improve Fundraising Results Is… (spoiler — it’s donor retention, duh.)

If you don’t think you’ve been knocking it out of the park on Facebook, here are 7 Fatal Facebook Marketing Mistakes You Can Quickly Overcome.

The Content Marketing Institute explains The One Brief Statement That Will Refine Your Content Marketing.

An interesting approach to productivity dilemma – Why I Don’t Allow My Employees to Check Their Email Until 11:00 A.M.

And here’s How To Set Up Your Desk For Your Best Day At Work.

Nonprofit Training

November 3: Marketing Bequests: The Delicate Art of Asking for That Final Gift

Have a fabulous weekend, friends!

In honor of Back to the Future Day earlier this week:


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