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What I Know, I’ve Learned As a . . .

Do-It-Yourself Nonprofit Marketer. As a staff member, volunteer, board member, and consultant, I’ve helped scores of nonprofits large and small, community-based and nationwide, to get the word out about their work; recruit new members, donors, and volunteers; and develop creative strategies that worked, all on limited financial and staffing resources. I wouldn’t know what to do with a million dollar budget. I’m used to working in the four and five-figure ranges.

Writer and Trainer. I’m really good at taking loads of information and boiling it down into the essentials, whether it’s creating a two-page white paper out of mountains of research or writing a short, inspirational donor profile based on a rambling hour-long interview. I’ve used these same skills to create highly rated webinars, in-person workshops, and e-books that nonprofits in all 50 states and more than 30 countries have used to improve their own communications.

Grantmaker and Grantseeker. In positions as a federal agency grant manager and foundation project director, I oversaw the distribution of millions of dollars in grants to nonprofits. As a nonprofit project director, volunteer board member, and consultant, I’ve also written scores of successful grant applications. I understand what it’s like to be on both sides of the proposal.

Board Member. I’ve served as board president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, and regular ol’ board member for several different nonprofit organizations. (I'm currently on the board of Women Advance.) I appreciate the big picture and the minutiae of running successful nonprofit organizations.

Entrepreneur. I started my own business in 1998 and have managed all aspects of it — I not only deliver services to my clients, but I’m my own IT director, bookkeeper, advertising director, and HR manager. Running a small business is a lot like running a small nonprofit. You learn how to do lots of new things, discover what you can do yourself and what you really need to hire out, and, hopefully, love showing up for work everyday.

Looking for the Typical Bio? Here You Go . . .

Kivi Leroux Miller is president of Nonprofit Marketing and the award-winning author of two books, “The Nonprofit Marketing Guide: High-Impact, Low-Cost Ways to Build Support for Your Good Cause” and “Content Marketing for Nonprofits: A Communications Map for Engaging Your Community, Becoming a Favorite Cause, and Raising More Money.” She is also a certified executive coach.

Through training, coaching and consulting, Kivi helps nonprofit communications professionals both learn their jobs and love their jobs. She teaches webinars and workshops several times a month and writes a top-ranked blog on nonprofit communications at Nonprofit Marketing Thousands of nonprofits in all 50 U.S. states, across Canada, and in more than 30 countries have participated in Kivi’s trainings.

After many years in the San Francisco Bay Area and Washington, DC, Kivi gave up big city life to live in rural North Carolina with her husband, two young daughters, three cats, a dog, and countless backyard wildlife. She enjoys writing, gardening, volunteering, hiking, vegetarian cooking, and teaching her kids how to bake.


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