Donor newsletter hiding its head in shame?

Donor newsletter hiding its head in shame?

Thinking of axing your donor newsletter because it costs more than it’s worth? WAIT!

It’s not the idea of the donor newsletter that’s wrong – it’s how you’re approaching it that’s wrong.

Luckily we have a smart guy like Tom Ahern around to set us straight! Tom knows how to take a floundering charity newsletter and make it successful with his proven methods – methods that have generated results in the real world.

Here are 4 of his donor newsletter hacks taken from The Domain Formula:

  1. Your donor newsletter should be no more than 4 pages.
  2. Send in a #10 envelope, not as a self-mailer.
  3. Include a separate reply device.
  4. Focus on “accomplishment reporting” by telling donors how much they have changed the world through their gifts.

Some of these may seem counter-intuitive, but as Tom says, “Logic? In direct mail? I wish.”

Need proof that The Domain Formula works? As Tom shares during our popular training series, Donor Newsletters That Raise More Money, after working with Tom on one edition of their newsletter, Gillete Children’s Specialty Healthcare went from raising $5,000 with their donor newsletter to $50,000. In just one edition, there was a tenfold increase in giving. And this wasn’t in conjunction with an annual appeal – it was just from the donor newsletter.

If you want your donor newsletter to cover its cost – and so much more – join Tom and Nonprofit Marketing Guide next week for Donor Newsletters That Raise More Money.

During this e-clinic you will receive the tools you need to have a successful donor newsletter. And Tom will review your newsletter to let you know what you are doing right – and what could use some work.

You really can raise more money with your donor newsletter – let Tom show you how.  Register and learn more.

(Due to the personal attention each participant receives, we have had to cut the number of participants in this e-clinic from 24 to just 20. Reserve your spot now)


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