I just wrapped up our first free webinar of the year on Editorial Calendar How Tos for Nonprofits with about 300 participants.

We asked two poll questions that I thought I’d share with you . . .

Are nonprofits using an editorial calendar? It’s about 50-50. Half answered yes, and the other half said it was just in their heads or they weren’t thinking about it.


In our work with nonprofit communications directors, we’ve discovered that some people love editorial calendars in spreadsheets, and others despise them. Do you have spreadsheet brain or calendar brain, or some combination?

About half said they liked both, but leaned toward calendar, which is how I feel about it too.  I do long-range planning in a spreadsheet where I need to see the whole year, but I live and die by my color-coded layers of Google Calendars on a daily basis.



Editorial planning is our theme for this quarter at Nonprofit Marketing Guide. I’ll be sharing some videos and posts here on the blog about ways to set up editorial calendars in different tools (Google calendars, Excel, Asana, Trello, etc.).

We are hosting two webinars for our All-Access Pass Holders: How to Build a Donor Communications Plan on January 20 and Editorial Planning Meetings on February 9.

We are also offering a 6-week Nonprofit Marketing Accelerator coaching program on Editorial Calendars and Donor Communications Plans that starts February 8, 2016. It’s $450 for up to three staff members.

And finally, I’ll be participating in a session on editorial calendars at the NTC conference in San Jose in late March.

What questions do you have about editorial calendars? I’ll try to get answers for you!


Published On: January 13, 2016|Categories: Editorial and Content Calendars|