Today, let’s take a look at podcasts nonprofit communicators got into during the last year.

Other pandemic hobbies we’ve looked at:

From Denise MacDonald:

I started working on a podcast using some old family cassette tape letters. I’d love to know if other people have cassette tape letters from the 1970s and 80s in their basements too!


From Tiffany Nyklickova

I’ve dabbled with podcasts and audiobooks in the past, listening now and then, but hadn’t listened to anything in a while or with any regularity. That all changed in the spring of 2020. Something turned me on to a podcast again and all of a sudden my world opened up.

I’m not sure if it was compelling content or a deep desire to hear an adult’s voice other than my own, but WOW! And then, I listened to an audiobook.

You know, I can listen to a book in about a week. I now absolutely CONSUME audio content. I listen to a lot of podcasts for nonprofit professionals, I also enjoy investigative journalism and true crime

The podcasts I listen to regarding nonprofits are:

  • The Small Nonprofit
  • Marketing Smarts
  • The Successful Nonprofit
  • The Smart Communications Podcast

And for personal interest:

  • Serial
  • Finding Cleo
  • Radio Lab
  • Canadian True Crime
  • The Secret Life of Canada

And Karen Hansen recommends Criminalia. If you have other recommendations share them in the comments below!

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